Pet Thieves Caught and Behind Bars

The Granada Hills neighborhood pet thieves found guilty and facing charges.

The Granada Hills Pet thieves, John Green and Stacy Smith, guilty for stealing a total of 6 dogs, 3 cats, and 2 birds is now looking a year or more in prison. About 2 weeks ago two homeowners in Granada Hills reported that their dogs were missing. At first, the police station thought it was a coincidence until the same week two more people missing a dog and a cat. The police continued to look deeper into the situation and they notice that the first two dogs stolen were only taken one hour apart from each other. So, this person is taking multiple a night. The night before the first incident a man was seen stealing a lot of pet food from a Petco, and driving off in a grey, 2016, Toyota Prius. If the two crimes are somewhat connected then we now know what the possible subject is driving.

Fast forward one week, and we have two possible subjects, John Green and Stacy Smith. Stacy drives the same car described earlier, but she was not the one who stole the food because it was a male. The total of stolen pets has reached 11. Our news team was sent to interview the victims and people with any leads. Chloe Pickle, a woman who got her bird stolen said, I saw a woman speed away from a house with the same exact car as the man who stole the food. The next day a couple undercover cops were sent to patrol the area. One of them reported back and saying that a woman with the Prius Went to a male’s house and delivered the pets. The two were arrested and interviewed and reviled some very important information. Both teamed up to steal the pets, which is why one stole food and the other took the pets. They both were caught with the same Prius because they shared it to make it harder for us to solve the case. The two were identified as John Green and Stacy Smith, as we suspected. The pets have been returned to their rightful owners and the two thieves are going to court tomorrow.

During the court case the two explained everything, even how they met. Over the course of 2 years all of their pets have died of unnatural causes and they couldn’t afford to buy a new one. So, one day they both lost a pet and decided to go to the bar to ease the pain. The two ordered the same drink and decided to talk some more. Eventually they tell their story about pets and realize that they are similar. They noticed that their neighbors’ pets have been living for years and they think if they take them they can finally have a pet that will live a long time. But the only problem was that neither of them had money to buy food so they decided to steal that too. Eventually they noticed that they were being watched so they switched the pets from one house to the other. Now the both are in prison regretting what they have done. The neighborhood is now happy that they got their pets back and they feel a lot safer.

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