The Blogo

Yo yo yo it your boy xX360_MountainClimber_420Xx back again with a daily blog. Today I woke at 5:00 AM to prepare for my climb. I've been climbing the same mountain for 10 years on every Sunday of the week. This mountain is called Mt. Mount. It is on the border of Russia and Canada. So I packed my healthy lunch of 7 granola bars with 3 different flavors. While I'm driving I sing to my favorite song Footloose, when I ran over my pet deer. He won't be missed. An hour later, and I arrived at the mountain. After I am halfway up the mountain I realize that I left my lunch at home. Luckly I brought the corpse of my dead deer John. I roasted John and consumed him like a nice steak dinner, and because I always keep a ketchup packet with me I dipped him in ketchup. Now that I am at the top of the mountain I went inside my backpack, found a clif and rolled off. Normally there is a bouncy castle at the bottom but some kids stole it and I fell on the ground. Anyway I was taken to a hospital. They told me that I have to stay there for 5 months. So I bought a PC bought Cuphead (Picture on the right) and had a heart attack (from the stress) because of how bad I am at the game. So I won't be able to talk anymore because it might kill me.