The History of the Steve

Steve Harrington is a fictional character in the netflix original series called Stranger Things. In season 1 Steve Harrington is a 17 year old male who lives in Hawkins Indiana. In season 1 he is dating Nancy Wheeler. Steve lives in a large house where on of the stories complications takes place. One night Steve's parents where not home so he invited a couple of friends and Nancy over. At this point Nancy doesn't know if she trusts Steve yet so she brings her friend Barb with her. Now it is late at night and all of the couples go to seperate bedrooms to change because everyone was pushed into a pool with their clothes on. While Nancy is changing Jonathan Byers (brother of Will, the boy who was taken about a week before) is taking pictures of her. The next day when Jonathan goes to the darkroom to develope his photos when one of the girls at the party sees him with photos of Nancy. She tells Steve and Steve comes to defend his girlfriend. Steve destroys Jonathan's camera and rips up the photos. But when Nancy looks at the photos she notices that the picture taken right before Barb was taken showed the "thing" that took her. Jonathan's mother has seen this thing before and how she describes it matches the photo almost perfectly. Nancy wants to find her friend just as bad as Jonathan wants to find his brother, so they put their differences beside and go to where Will was taken. After a difficult night with Nancy almost being taken they notice the thing is attracted to blood, which is why it took Barb, because she cut herself just a few minutes before. The same night, the two are scared of what they saw so they agree to stay the night in Nancy's house. The same night Steve wanted to see what Nancy was up to but she sees that she is sleeping next to Jonathan. The next day Jonathan and Nancy are shopping for things to kill this thing with when they notice that Steve and his group of friends are shamming Nancy for cheating on Steve by spray painting offencive things in public places. Anyway Nancy stumbles upon them doing it and yells at them, but when Jonathan shows up Steve slanders him and even makes fun of his missing brother. Jonathan has had enough, he throws the first punch. Eventually Jonathan has Steve pinned on the ground and is just punching him left and right until the cops show up. And to make the situation worse he hit the cop and they also found the bear traps and ammo in his car. Anyway he gets arrested and explains everything and is let go. Later that night Jonathan and Nancy have this plan to kill the thing that will for sure work. But Steve comes over to apologize, but he sees Nancy and wonders what is going on. He refuses to leave, but the beast arrives and Jonathan is pinned down and is unable to use the nail bat. So Steve picks it up, saves Jonathan, wounds the beast, and does a cool spin (on the right). After this they explain everything to Steve and become fiends, kind of. Now it is season 2, Will is found, and Steve is cool. One of Will's friends Dustin finds a tadpole looking thing that looks like the beast in season 1. He doesn't tell anyone about it until it has grown out of control and killed Dustin's cat. At this point Nancy got drunk at a party and when Steve tells her to stop drinking and accidently spills her drink on her getting her mad. Because she is so drunk she got angry and didn't realize that it her fault and she goes on a rant about Steve and Steve decides they should take a break. Anyway a few days later Dart, the name of tadpole thing, has grown out of control and Dustin goes to Mike's house, but he isn't there. On his way out he sees Steve who wants to apologize to Nancy, Dustin remembers what Steve did with the bat and asks for his help. When looking for Dart, they see that Dart escaped the basement with a tunnel that he made. The same night all of the children built a fort and to kill dart. Anyway Steve protects all of the kids which makes him a amazing babysitter.

Steve spinning a bat
Steve Harrington smiling
Right here you will see Steve Harrington in Season 2 of Stranger Things.
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