Venom Snake is a character from the Metal Gear and Metal Gear Solid franchise. The first Metal Gear game was made in 1987, and that is where Venom Snake is introduced. An important thing to know is that if a person is called “_____ Snake” it means that they are a clone of the original Snake, “Naked Snake”.The game is in a bird’s eye view and is considered one of the best stealth action games of all time. The most recent Metal Gear Solid game, The Phantom Pain, was released September 1, 2015 and that is where Venom Snake takes the spotlight. The Phantom Pain, a.k.a TPP, is in a third person perspective and is also under the “stealth action” category. Metal Gear Solid is one of the most story rich games. The story of Venom Snake is very interesting and full of captivating moments. Venom Snake was born in California in 1932. In 1974 during the “Peace Walker” (Peace Walker is the name of one of the older games) incident, Venom Snake served in the Militaires Sans Frontières, as a combat medic and doctor. The team of medics in Big Boss's helicopter successfully removed the bomb from Paz's abdomen there is a second bomb planted in her womb. The bomb goes off and one of the medics shields Big Boss from the blast. The explosion blows off the medic's arm and launches pieces of the helicopter (shrapnel) all over his body. That medic is later turned into "Punished" Venom Snake and is why he has a "horn" in his head.